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On the fence about a wedding video? “People can always find reasons why they don’t need a wedding videographer – and usually the excuse involves a misconception about what working with a videographer is like and what the finished product will be. If you haven’t seen a wedding film in a while now is the time! Don’t skip over this important element when looking at your wedding day vendor list and budget. Check out this recent testimonial caught on the fly by filmmaker Meg Simone. Take it away Meg!” -Nantucket Wedding Inspiration Blog

Meg: Time is fleeting and tends to slip away and so do the sights and sounds of your wedding day. I would never be without photographs. There is nothing better then cozying up on the couch and flipping through your custom album, but to hear and see moving images of loved ones, to actually hear yourself recite your vows … There is nothing in the world like that feeling of reliving the moment all over again.

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