Nantucket Wedding Film at the White Elephant

“Nantucket Tony” found his way back to the island along with his high school sweetheart, close family and friends. This hospitable crew from the Mid-West celebrated at the at the White Elephant Hotel. Later in June, hundreds gathered at a Wisconsin reception at The Legend at Brandybrook. This milestone was just one of many that have taken place in their lives in such a short period of time. Tony just received his residency in Tampa, FL so it looks like Alana can wear heels year round! As mentioned on Tony and Alana’s wedding website, “Life is a rollercoaster and we’re ready to throw our hands up and enjoy the ride!”

With Brea McDonald Photography and Soiree Floral. The Nantucket Basket wedding cake from Jodi’s Cakes was a perfect fit for their story – you’ll see! Tony and family got ready at Wales Watch in Tom Nevers a home they have rented a few times now since his family sold their Nantucket home.  Their Rehearsal Dinner was at The Nantucket Hotel and Resort. They can’t miss a trip to Steamboat Pizza and Nantucket Ice Cream & “Juice Guys” – so I had to put a few clips of that in for them too.

*While I was driving across the country this winter, I detoured to Milwaukee to meet with Tony and Alana in person. It may have been the coldest day of my winter vacation but the love and hospitality I was greeted by warmed my heart. It was really incredible to see them again on Nantucket and to watch their hard work unfold.