Mount Washington Wedding Adventures with Anne Skidmore Photography

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Mount Washington Wedding at the Harvard Cabin? YEP! Everyone knows I love adventure, so when Anne Skidmore asked if we could help out with a wedding ON Mount Washington, an automatic YES came out of my mouth. Family from all over the globe trotted to the White Mountains, and their jet lag didn’t slow them down on the up track. The bride and groom skinned up with a handful of friends. After warming up in the Harvard Cabin, everyone gathered behind on the bridge for the nuptials. A fun ski down “The Sherbie” took us all back to the base in one piece.  Read all about this amazing and adventurous celebration that took place on Mount Washington at the Harvard Cabin, with a reception at Hardy Farm, and see all the images on Annes website, here. [above Dave and I trying to stay ahead of the group]


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