Moosehead Lake Wedding Video “Grand Slam” Testimonial

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This Red Sox Theme Wedding on Moosehead Lake was a Grand Slam!


Without question the best investment of our wedding day! I had a very dear friend tell me shortly after we selected a wedding date to spend the money on a video.  I was hesitant at first wondering when I would actually sit down and watch it however I trusted her and decided to add it to the list.  Now I realize when the wedding is all said and done and the dress has been preserved, boxed and stowed away in the basement along with the 30+ centerpieces, leftover programs and favors all you have are your memories of the day and it is so important to have them captured forever.  Not to mention how incredibly fast the day goes by. Before I knew it we were hopping in the boat and headed for our honeymoon island and it was over.

The video also showed me so much that I had missed.  Did you realize that during our rehearsal we figured there was room for only 66 chairs on the boat deck (I had 101 confirmed for the ceremony)  I had no idea how it came together but your video showed me that my brother and uncle made it all happen.  All I know is when I walked down the tiny aisle everyone was there and seated!

I don’t even know how to thank you for your efforts. The editing, interviews, music, everything was perfect!  To say we were amazed would be the understatement of the year!  It was so incredible.  We had a very large guest list and wound up inviting over 300 people to our reception only 100 people were actually witness to the ceremony!  I cant wait to show this video off to the other 200!  What a treasure!

Thank you!
Lori & David Gile, 8/23/08

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