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We are thoroughly enjoying our first real storm of the season. The skiing was deep at Wildcat today! Fresh tracks all day!

I bet Katie and Ash Alexander (newly weds from this past weekends wedding in Johnstown, NY) would be excited, as they had a complete snow theme at their celebration. Even the wedding cake was a female and male snowperson. There must have been 600 home made snowflakes hanging from the ceiling of the lodge all made with beads! AMAZING work from mother of the bride, Bonnie, who I think had the most fun on the toboggan! See the below photo of Katie, Ash, and Bonnie. The sled was a wedding present. It was a beautiful Friday/Sat wedding and the guests enjoyed sledding and fun all Saturday. Did I mention that Katie rode into the church on her horse! It was a perfect winter wedding. I had never been to Johnstown/Gloversville but the drive over through Vermont was beautiful and it’s always a great adventure to see another part of our country.
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