Maine Wedding Photographer Samantha Warren Weddings

Maine based wedding photographer Samantha Warren loves to report from the brides perspective and I find this information so helpful for others to read. This particular issue features a wedding I filmed at the York Harbor Inn. Of course when I found out just why they wanted a video my stomach dropped and my heart melted. I realized this was going to be an extremely emotional and touching experience, which I encourage you to read the full article Sam posted, here.

These days everyone knows someone battling a life threatening illness. I usually find out a few months after the fact when people call to ask, “do you have more footage of my Uncle, he was diagnosed with cancer the week before the wedding and didn’t want to tell anyone” or “my grandmother passed away the week after the wedding, do you have more footage of her?” We never know what to expect.


Unfortunately he passed away about a month after the wedding. Please take the time to read Lani & Steve’s personal account of their wedding experience, when dealing with someone who is battling a life threatening illness. Thank you Lani and Steve for mentioning me as your best wedding splurge 🙂 Thank you Sam for the recommendation 🙂 Video clip below.