MA Wedding Venue the Methuen Music Hall

Words can not express what my face must have looked like when I walked into the Methuen Music Hall on 9/12/09. It was literally jaw dropping. “They just don’t make buildings like this anymore”, Dave said. And it’s true! The plaster and wood work skills that went into crafting such an architectural masterpiece are almost forgotten trades. Sad, I know. The detail in the wood carvings, the intricacy of the ceiling molds – and that’s just the building, not to mention what’s inside it… ta da!  “The first concert organ in the country, it remains today one of the outstanding organs in America.” – website. You really must click over to read more on the history of the building and see all the details for yourself.

Andrea + Al’s wedding preview only shows a few clips, and can not bring to life what you truly feel when inside witnessing a wedding there. What an awesome choice for such a magical day. They celebrated after at the Atkinson Resort and Country Club. I can’t wait to edit the rest of the video – not just because of the Music Hall, but because of this fun loving couple.