Klinks Baking Company Win’s Big on RSN TV 16

During the 13 years I’ve hosted the RSN Live Show, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends via the “tube” when we have our “Watch + Win” segments. Gift certificates, sunglasses, trail and ski passes, you name it, always a great reason to watch…and win! I just filmed a wedding on June 27th where a few of the guests who I went to college with said “Hey Simone, remember when we were up and we called in to win on TV and all started laughing…” I had no idea who they were at first, just “Pete from Durham” and hadn’t seen them in years! A few weeks ago I got a call from “Dan Durrell”… I said “Congratulations Dan…why does your name sound so familiar!” Then we went to commercial break and I got back on the phone with him… “You’re the guy who makes the amazing Klinks English Muffin Bread my neighbor brings me when she goes to Massachusetts!!” “ Yep! That’s me, and I also worked with your mom back in the 70’s at Hamilton-Whenham”… such a fun small world! So Dan came down after the show to pick up his prize and head out for a canoe trip with his friends on the Saco River. I’m so glad he took a few photos so I can show my mom and share the story! For all of you who live in the vicinity of Henry’s Market I think in the Beverly/Hamilton area, they sell the bread, and it’s worth making the trip!  For all those visiting the Mount Washington Valley – tune in to RSN TV 16 on Saturday and Sunday mornings 7:30-9:30 to win big!
Photos are of Dan calling in to win and then us at the station.

*fun fact – (9 years ago) this is how I met wedding photographer Brian Post – he was a weather observer at the Mount Washington Observatory and we would have to call them every show for a live update from the summit. Brian and I met over the phone, and then became friends after I begged him down for an in studio interview!