Jamaica Wedding with Jacin Fitzgerald Events and Clark Brewer Photography

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A true honor to document the fourth of four siblings over 5 years. An adorable Covid-era love story that involves a deeply meaningful proposal honoring family and legacy. A tennis extravaganza, custom speedos, karaoke, disco balls, and even a snowstorm! These two went all out on fun!

My “feature films” are longer than those of most filmmakers, but I’m not creating a trendy film for social media. Instead, I’m crafting an heirloom for the family that hires me.

Imagine you are the grandchild of this couple, you would have the chance to immerse yourself in their story – learning how they fell in love, understanding the values they held dear, and encountering relatives like aunts, uncles, and cousins. My hope is that by experiencing this moment frozen in time, you would develop a profound appreciation and understanding for those family members who are no longer with us.

Jamaica Wedding Film at The Tryall Club with Jacin Fitzgerald Events and Clark Brewer Photography

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