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I attended the third annual INFOCUS Video Event in Charleston, SC in January. A great way to see friends, meet new ones, and get a healthy dose of continuing education. Each year they have a film contest with a theme, so some of this film may be like an “inside joke.” I knew Kara and Maura from POSH (event for the female filmmaker), and we were gathering in the lobby to go on a bike ride. When we got down there Therese and Dave were in the lobby. We introduced ourselves.

“What are you doing?”
“We are going to rent bikes. Want to come?”
“Sure, why not?”

So off we went to rent bikes. A block or two into the ride, somewhere between the laughing and shouting, we stopped for food and beverages to fuel up for our afternoon on the town. After a few hours cruising through the quaint neighborhoods and historic groves, we settled into a park swing overlooking the water. We had been filming all day with iPhones, Smartphones, and my pocket point and shoot (Panasonic Lumix), singing along, getting to know each other, and just being goofy. We never really intended to film for the contest, but after a few more days at the event, I realized we had a really special moment in time that could help explain why attending a conference is so important. Its not just the education, it’s the friendships and the memories. The close bond we created makes it easier to pop a message on facebook if we are struggling with an edit or concept. For me I now know the person (the actual real human) behind the work. I can refer Therese and Dave as they are pretty close on the East Coast just down in PA. It was a day I hope to always remember, so I’m glad we have this experience on film if not for the masses, for our own personal enjoyment.

I actually won the contest the first year, taking home a DP Slider (must have tool!)  I didn’t enter last year. Two out of three isn’t bad! Below, Meg, Therese, Dave, Maura, Kara.

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