Wedding Friend-ors: Girls Weekend!

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New England Wedding Vendors, How We Met from meg simone on Vimeo.

Meeting online isn’t just for dating. In April 2010 I received a twitter message from photographer Stacey Hedman. She found me because of an inspiration shoot that was posted I did with Brea McDonald Photography, Kate Martin of Beautiful Days Events, and Sara O’Brien of Sara Fitz. We hit it off, became fast friends, and in June 2010 I camped out at her house before boarding the ferry for a Nantucket Wedding.

Fast forward: this past February I got together with Brea and Stacey. We met up in Maine and had way too many laughs, vegan-gluten free whoppie pies and Stacey’s famous chili. It’s pretty amazing how we all met and the funny degrees of separation in the little wedding world that brought us together. It’s great to work and collaborate with those who you have fun with.

The audio was tough with the wind, but the video still makes me laugh! Good times!

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