Maine Wedding Venue The York Harbor Inn

If you are looking for that perfect coastal Maine Wedding Venue, The York Harbor Inn boasts comfy accommodations with ocean views, wonderful food, and nearby shopping. This is a perfect destination wedding location for your coastal maine celebration. It’s also located right across the street from the York Harbor Reading Room another popular Maine Wedding Venue. The lawns between the two properties serve as a great spot for wedding photos and for wedding ceremonies with views of the ocean. Brea McDonald Photography and Geneve Hoffmann Photography are both wedding photographers located in York!

“I was laughing a bit watching the video too because a lot of it I didnt even know you were there or catching it!” – Lani

Hi Meg!
In Steve’s words you “lit it up!”.  I’ve already watched it a couple of times …amazing!! The whole beginning is so fun to see all the things we didn’t see ourselves- and all your scenery shots and everything are just perfect. You truly captured our entire day and all the people involved – you can feel the love in the air with everyone that was there!  It is so so fun.  We were so lucky to have found you and you have done an incredible job on this video.   You brought all the emotion, laughter, fun, smiles, and few tears into this video.   We couldn’t be more happy to have this now for the rest of our lives!

Thank you thank you!
Lani + Steve

I want to thank Samantha Warren Weddings for allowing me to share in this special day with Lani + Steve. Click on the link above to see photos from their wedding on Sam’s Blog. Sam you made a guest appearance in the video 🙂

Hi Meg-
I know that most (probably all) of your exchanges regarding our wedding have been with Lani and I wanted to weigh in with my appreciation of your work before too much time passed. Viewing the proof that you sent us left me speechless on more than one occasion. Not only was I choked up by reliving our wedding day and the emotions that came with that experience, I found myself at a loss for words because of your artistry and the passion that is evident in your work. The way in which you portrayed every aspect of our wedding day while tying in the challenging circumstances leading to my father’s unfortunate absence is incredible; I look forward to sharing the DVD you have created with my father when we visit him in Toronto. While I cannot speak for him, I do believe that you have done a great deal to make him feel as though he was just as much a part of our special day as were all of those in attendance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.