Church Landing Wedding Video

I love filming weddings at Church Landing in Meredith, NH. We created a wedding video for Kate and Mike in October along Lake Winnipesaukee. I just put their wedding video in the mail yesterday so they would have it in time for T-day… and despite the crazy snow and rain all day, the video arrived safe at Kate’s parents house. This was a wonderful email surprise to receive when the power came back on tonight. Thank you Benoit’s! It was a true honor to be a part of the day.

We’ve watched the video three times already. What a WONDERFUL job you did! We can’t even begin to imagine how many hours you must have spent editing it. So many delightful extras – the side-by-side shots, the music in the background (“My Cup Runneth Over”), the wonderful shots of the kids dancing…

Kate and Mike haven’t seen it yet, but have gotten lots of feedback.

They were so lucky to have found you! If you need us to give any
recommendations, put us on the list!!

Thank you for a job magnificently done!!
(Mother of the Bride, Beth)