Castle Hill Inn Wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

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Castle Hill Inn Wedding of Newman & Steve. When your parents get married, a loving family celebration in Newport.

Guests came from all over the world to celebrate Newman & Steven’s two families. It was all about love, FUN, and bringing people together.  The toasts from their respective children leave me crying and laughing, and I think you will too. It’s hard not to choke up but I won’t say why. From the moment I first talked to Newman, maybe two years ago, I knew this was a family, story, and event I wanted to help preserve. As you will learn, their wedding plans went on pause, but when they picked back up again and I heard Newman’s voice on the phone, I was over the moon they still wanted to preserve this moment in time. OH, and I can’t forget to mention how adorable they are during the ceremony, breaking #alltherules

“Not only are you fun… lots of fun… but you are absolutely 100% perfect for my dad. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are charming, you are funny, and yes you are FUN. You also make my father happier than I think I’ve ever seen him. The happiness you have brought into his life is crystal clear and the happiness your family has brought into our family is something we all cherish.” – Steve’s Son.

Venue: Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island.
Planner: Exquisite Events
Florals: Stoneblossom Floral
Dessert: Confectionery Designs Mark and Marie are amazing and next time you are in the area stop by their bakery for the best gourmet brioche and old-fashioned donuts! Yummmmmm!
Photography: Steve DePino

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