Camp Huckins Reunion – Nellie Girls Wed

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Growing up I spent 10 summers on Lake Ossipee at YMCA Camp Huckins. There is no way to explain how important that experience was for me (and for a lot of my friends) in a short blog post, and you may not know that is a “Huckins Heart” from Holly (left) and Meredith (right), but that’s ok. It’s been fun to reconnect with friends on Facebook and to see what campers of mine have already wed – like Emilie + Erich from 2009, whose wedding I filmed at The Wentworth By The Sea (see film below). Holly, Meredith, and I are not getting married, but we did have fun talking about boys along the trail! We connected for an overnight in the White Mountains and lots of old Camp laughs. Just a reminder that if you went to Camp Huckins and you book my services, I will donate $50 towards the Camp Capital Campaign.

I have to thank Holly for getting me out of the office this summer. She’s been teaching and studying all summer in nearby Maine in preparation for year two of her PhD, and it was a blessing to have her around to bag some peaks here in the Whites. Meredith joined in for our overnight camping adventure pictured here. Thanks Camp Huckins! Here’s to more weddings!

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