Church Landing Wedding Video April 2008

Andrew and Steph had the perfect April day for their wedding at Church Landing in Meredith, NH.  Ice out on the lake occurred just 2 days before the celebration! Meg, we LOVED, Loved, LOVED the video, I don't want to cut a thing out of it! I

Impress Me Designs Wedding Invitations

Looking for a New England Wedding Stationer? A few weeks back I mentioned that I just met with my June 21st B&G and saw their wedding invitation. WOW - Impress Me Designs did an amazing job - have a look at their portfolio. Here is

Chris Proulx of RSN Celebrates 10 Years

Congratulations to my friend, boss, and associate Chris Proulx. We met at RSN 10 years ago (WOW), and yesterday RSN had a small gathering at Delaney's for Lunch. No major gag gifts but the food, and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream cake was out of

Church Landing NH Wedding Video

March weddings are often overlooked, but we had a blast filming at Church Landing in Meredith, NH as the sleet came down. It really made things sparkle and everyone was cozy inside by the fire at the Inns and Spa at Mill Falls. Hi Meg! We got

NH Wedding Videos at Church Landing

I've been editing the Cornwell Wedding at Church Landing 4/26/08. Andrew can be seen tending bar at most other weddings so he may be a familiar face to those who have attended a wedding there. They had a all-star line up of vendors, and

NH Wedding Videos with Meg Simone

Going back to the vault! In this short clip potential clients will see how important it will be in another 25, 50+ years when your kids, kids, and extended family are cozying up to the fireplace and flat screen to watch memories of days gone

Mt. Washington Hotel B2B Expo

The Mt. Washington Valley Business to Business Expo 2008! Always a blast to see people and network (and eat a lot of chocolate treats!) The hotel addition is coming along out back where the pool was. Lunch was delicious! The dining room looks great -