Bar Harbor Maine Wedding Video

Acadia National Park is quite the backdrop for a Maine Wedding, and venturing to Bar Harbor was a joy on July 21, 2007.

Dave and I packed the van and headed North – Becky and Dary’s wedding was absolutely amazing! The setting in the Reynolds back yard was such a dream with the lush forest for a back drop. The ceremony was followed by a reception at the Causeway Club in Southwest Harbor.

We reminiced with college friends, met new people, and saw some amazing sites while hiking and driving around Mt. Dessert Island.
Becky gazes out the second floor window to see if Dary is down getting ready. Robyn is Becky’s phantom sister. After knowing Becky 10 years I still had never met her sister, we were both lead to believe the other did not exist!

This was a true international wedding as guests came from all corners of the US and the world to Bahh Habah. As a former roommate of Becky’s and guest at the wedding I am so honored to have been invited, and to be a friend to such wonderful people.

Project updates from Meg Simone Professional Videographer – NH Wedding Videos.